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Emii Releases Music Video For “Leaving You Behind”

Rachel Moulden for The Pit

Pop singer Emii, is back with a music video for her newest song Leaving You Behind.  This song has landed her in the Top 5 Most Active Independent Artists on both the Pop and A/C Mediabase Charts for nine consecutive weeks, including a two week stay at #1 on Pop.

Leaving You Behind is a power pop ballad that sets itself apart from her previous dance singles Magic, Mr. Romeo(a collaboration with Snoop Dogg), and Stilettos. In her song, Leaving You Behind, she tells the empowering story of a young woman who escapes an domestic abuse situation in hopes of taking control of her own destiny.

In the music video, Emii is portrayed as a singer, who finds herself surrounded by shady characters from the underworld of the music industry.

The video brings together a team of experts with credits in some of Hollywood’s biggest films and television shows including Twilight, Batman vs Superman, Man of Steel, Thor: The Dark World, and The Amazing Spiderman.

Emii made this statement about her new music video:

“I wish to encourage women out there in abusive relationships to examine the alternatives and find the courage to make a change.”

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