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Interview: BareBones Entertainment Developing New Comic Titled “Nice Guys Finish Dead”

Rachel Moulden for The Pit

Recently the Pit got the chance to chat with Bryan Swann from BareBones Entertainment who is developing a comic book titled Nice Guys Finish Dead.

For some who not be familiar with BareBones Entertainment, what kind of content have you produced?

BareBones Entertainment is a entertainment site that primarily focuses on music, though we have worked with some writers and artists. We do interviews, features, reviews, etc.


Is this the first comic book from BareBones Entertainment?

Yes, this is actually the first comic that I have wrote. Since writing this one I have wrote a mini-story and, am working on the sequel all in this series. Thought I have yet to really lock down an artist.


What is the Nice Guys Finish Dead about? Can you give us a brief synopsis?

Of course! The story was initially going to just be a fun thing for the creation of our mascot, but evolved into something much larger.

This comic follows Edwin on a shocking path that takes him from a looked over, pushed around music dweeb to something altogether different. I feel that the story asks the question: That if you have been pushed around and bullied your whole life, but finally had the power to pay back all that pain, how would it change you?


Who is the audience for the book?

I’d say a more teen to adult audience. The book is pretty dark and has some foul language.


How did the story come about/what inspired it?

Honestly it just came to me, when I was thinking about what to do for the mascot. I started with a broad idea that sounded bad ass and went from there.


Give us some insight of some of the main characters. Do you have a favorite?

This story mainly has 4 main characters: Edwin, Bryton, Jet, and Blair.

  • Edwin (protagonist): He’s the quiet guy that desperately wants to fit in, loves music, and is kind of nerdy.
  • Bryson (Antagonist): Drunken frat boy. Overall nasty person.
  • Jet: Lead singer of a band. Confident and sure of himself.
  • Blair: innocent girl next door, and Edwin’s girlfriend.

I have a connection with Edwin, because I put a lot of myself in to the character. But I am excited for the direction I am going with Jet, and how his story is going to unfold.


What is the hardest thing about the writing process for this book and in general?

Just really learning how to properly layout a comic script. The writing part came naturally for the story. I recommend a ton of research on all different sites for comic writing!


How can readers discover more about BareBones Ent.?

A couple of ways. Our site is We are also on all social media check out our main Facebook page as well as the Facebook page for Nice Guys Finish Dead.

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