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Taemin Takes You Behind The Scenes Of His “Danger” MV

Rachel Moulden for 247 Asian Media

He looks great!

Taemin from boy group SHINee, gives fans a behind the scenes for his Danger MV. Danger is Taemin’s solo debut single, and is featured on his mini album called ACE. Along with title song, a total of 6 tracks are on the mini album.

The behind the scenes video shows a hard-work Taemin, as he puts all his energy into the choreography. During the breaks, he is playful and has fun with the cameras. Throughout the video, constantly pans to the clock showing how long the filming on set took. Despite the long, exhausting hours Taemin is all smiles.

In another behind the scenes look, we meet the choreography, Ian Eastwood, who created Taemin’s dance for Danger. Eastwood is young choreography who comes from Chicago, Illinois. In the video he dance along Taemin teaching him the moves for the choreography.

Check out the videos below!


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