Suzy Graces The Pages of Grazia’s September Issue

Rachel Moulden for 247 Asian Media

She looks gorgeous!

Actress and member of girl group Miss A, Suzy, is featured on the pages of Grazia’s September Issue.

Suzy has been busy with many solo activities in 2014 year since Miss A released their second studio album Hush in 2013. She has appeared in many commercials and magazines as well as some variety shows. So far this year she has released a digital single called Wind, Wind, Wind for a Bean Pole CF and and even made a cameo appearance in the drama, My Love From Another Star. Her biggest upcoming project is the 2015 film, Dorihwaga where she will play a lead role.

In Grazia’s photo shoot Suzy poses in a colorful dress on a sunny day. She also poses indoors on a comfy couch, wearing a sleek black dress. To see more of Suzy’s different looks check out her pictures and the video below!


Sunny Hill Goes Behind The Scenes For “Monday Blues”

Rachel Moulden for 247 Asian Media

This is such a catchy comeback song!

Girl group Sunny Hill, takes fans behind the scenes for their new comeback song Monday Blues. This upbeat dance track can be found on their new album Sunny Blues Part. A. The album features a mixture of energetic songs and slow ballads.

Monday Blues, is a fun song that expresses the exhaustion that workers can endure from working daily on a basis. The lyrics are relatable and will definitely brighten up your work day.

In the video, the girls are seen getting ready for their first live comeback stage. They express their nervousness, but are eager to perform their new song for fans. The girls get dressed up in business attire and playfully joke around with one another as they get their hair and makeup done. After the comeback stage, the girls watch their performance intently to see what they can improve upon for next time. They promise to bring even more energy to their next stage.


Korea Tops Chicago For Little League World Series Title

Rachel Moulden for 247 Asian Media

Congrats to the winning team!

The last couple of weeks have been a buzz with talk about the Little League World Series. The final match put Seoul Little League, from the Asia-Pacific Region, against Jackie Robinson West, from Chicago who represented the Great Lakes region. In the end, Korea won the game with a final score of 8-4.

Every August, the games are held in South WilliamsportPennsylvania, in the United States. Though the Korean team was far away from home many people in South Korea were cheering on the team despite the large time difference. Many had to keep up with the game by watching it or get updates in the middle of the night.

 The team’s manager Jong Wook Park commented on the support from back home:

“We know the time difference and that a lot of people were cheering for us. We appreciate the people back in Korea. I told the kids that in a speech.”

The team also had much support from fans in the stadium as well. South Korean fans cheered in the stadium, dressed in satin robes of yellow and electric blue. The Seoul Little League played a tough game, but asserted themselves early in the game giving them the lead. After the final out, the team’s bench emptied and the players dumped cups of water on their teammates near the mound. Then the players took a victory lap.

Chicago’s team manager, Darold Butler, also commented on the final game stating:

“(We) felt like we had a chance even when we were down 8-1. (South Korea) had a pretty good game. They were the better team today.”

SOURCE: ESPN, Korea Times

AlphaBAT Say “Oh My Gosh!” In New MV

Rachel Moulden for 247 Asian Media

What a fun song!

AlphaBAT is back with a new MV for their single Oh My Gosh! This song is a part of their new mini-album titled, Answer. The mini-album also features two additional tracks Pass Out and Ouch.

AlphaBAT originally debuted as a duo act with members Kyumin and Selin. After Kyumin’s departure, Selin was joined by eight new members to create a nine member group. The group re-debuted with the catchy single, Hello, in late 2013.

This MV has a fun summertime photo shoot concept and by looking the landscapes it seems the video might have been filmed overseas. In the MV, the boys flirt and compete to get their female photographer’s attention. In between taking lots of photos, the members dance to the song and goof off in the pool.

Check out their new song below!

SOURCE: AlphaBAT Official


LABOUM Reveals Debut Single “Pit A Pat” [TEASER]

Rachel Moulden for 247 Asian Media

Are you excited for this new group?

New girl group, LABOUM, has just released a teaser for their debut single Pit-A-Pat. The group consists of six members: Solbin, Yulhee, Haein, ZN, Soyeon, and Yujeong. They are NH Media and Nega Network‘s project girl group.

In the teaser, the girls are shown dancing while wearing stylish outfits. They playfully sing along to the music as they enjoy a outdoor backyard party. It seems that the group will debut with a cutesy, feminine concept just by looking at the teaser.  Pit-A-Pat has a very happy, energetic melody that is fitting for the remaining summer season.

LABOUM’s first album will be released on August 28! I look forward to seeing these girls debut!


Taemin Takes You Behind The Scenes Of His “Danger” MV

Rachel Moulden for 247 Asian Media

He looks great!

Taemin from boy group SHINee, gives fans a behind the scenes for his Danger MV. Danger is Taemin’s solo debut single, and is featured on his mini album called ACE. Along with title song, a total of 6 tracks are on the mini album.

The behind the scenes video shows a hard-work Taemin, as he puts all his energy into the choreography. During the breaks, he is playful and has fun with the cameras. Throughout the video, constantly pans to the clock showing how long the filming on set took. Despite the long, exhausting hours Taemin is all smiles.

In another behind the scenes look, we meet the choreography, Ian Eastwood, who created Taemin’s dance for Danger. Eastwood is young choreography who comes from Chicago, Illinois. In the video he dance along Taemin teaching him the moves for the choreography.

Check out the videos below!