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Suzy Graces The Pages of Grazia’s September Issue

Rachel Moulden for 247 Asian Media

She looks gorgeous!

Actress and member of girl group Miss A, Suzy, is featured on the pages of Grazia’s September Issue.

Suzy has been busy with many solo activities in 2014 year since Miss A released their second studio album Hush in 2013. She has appeared in many commercials and magazines as well as some variety shows. So far this year she has released a digital single called Wind, Wind, Wind for a Bean Pole CF and and even made a cameo appearance in the drama, My Love From Another Star. Her biggest upcoming project is the 2015 film, Dorihwaga where she will play a lead role.

In Grazia’s photo shoot Suzy poses in a colorful dress on a sunny day. She also poses indoors on a comfy couch, wearing a sleek black dress. To see more of Suzy’s different looks check out her pictures and the video below!

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