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Korea Tops Chicago For Little League World Series Title

Rachel Moulden for 247 Asian Media

Congrats to the winning team!

The last couple of weeks have been a buzz with talk about the Little League World Series. The final match put Seoul Little League, from the Asia-Pacific Region, against Jackie Robinson West, from Chicago who represented the Great Lakes region. In the end, Korea won the game with a final score of 8-4.

Every August, the games are held in South WilliamsportPennsylvania, in the United States. Though the Korean team was far away from home many people in South Korea were cheering on the team despite the large time difference. Many had to keep up with the game by watching it or get updates in the middle of the night.

 The team’s manager Jong Wook Park commented on the support from back home:

“We know the time difference and that a lot of people were cheering for us. We appreciate the people back in Korea. I told the kids that in a speech.”

The team also had much support from fans in the stadium as well. South Korean fans cheered in the stadium, dressed in satin robes of yellow and electric blue. The Seoul Little League played a tough game, but asserted themselves early in the game giving them the lead. After the final out, the team’s bench emptied and the players dumped cups of water on their teammates near the mound. Then the players took a victory lap.

Chicago’s team manager, Darold Butler, also commented on the final game stating:

“(We) felt like we had a chance even when we were down 8-1. (South Korea) had a pretty good game. They were the better team today.”

SOURCE: ESPN, Korea Times

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