The Pit

Book Review: “The Call of the Stryx #3: Traps 1/2” – Eric Corbeyran

Rachel Moulden for The Pit

Release Date: September 9, 2015


Kevin Nivek, head of the Secret Service and in charge of security for the President of the United States, is fired after an assassination attempt almost succeeds. While investigating what he believes is a conspiracy among the various American intelligence services, he meets Debrah, a mysterious and formidable young woman who works for a secret organization. He learns that for centuries, and from deep in the shadows, the Stryx have influenced human destiny.


After getting even closer to finding out what kind of monstrous creature the Stryx is in the last issue, I was very eager to read the new installment. My closest guess from what I read so far is that the Stryx is some kind of mutated oversized bird-creature. But the heavy suspense surrounding its origins definitely fuels the reader’s interest and keeps them pulled into the story.

The comic is moving at a much faster pace now and has greatly improved from its initial start where the plot seemed to drag at certain points. There are more action scenes and the addition of plot twists have added to the intensity of the story.

Readers will see more glimpses of the certain characters back story, but there still seems to be an overall lack of character development. Each person has been more motivated to complete their task, whether they’re on team good or evil, but they haven’t seemed to change much.

On the plus side, I do like the attention to the detail in the artwork used in this military sci-fi story. The shading and drawing techniques make the story look and feel realistic while the style of artwork is reminiscent of a 80s/90s comics giving it a slightly nostalgic feel.

Though we start to get closer to revealing the secrets surrounding the Stryx and the mysterious assassin female character, there are still many secrets waiting to be uncovered in The Call of the Stryx.

Rating: 3/5 stars

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